Avoid overpaying for your inheritance. Rely on a leading team in taxation and inheritance tax, with over 15 years' experience.

Our specialist inheritance tax lawyers carry out an optimal calculation of the taxes to be paid, so you can make the most of your estate and capital.

In addition, we will carry out all the domestic and international formalities and procedures required for the tax settlement in each specific case, meaning you won't need to worry about a thing.

At PATRIUM we will study your case until we find the most beneficial solution for you and the beneficiaries of your estate.


What we can do for you

Tax planning

Calculation of taxes, deductions and exemptions.

Reclamation of taxes unduly paid by non-residents.

Fulfilment of tax obligations with all the tax authorities.

Plan your inheritance to avoid your heirs having to pay too much tax when they accept.

At PATRIUM we optimise your estate’s tax burden by finding the most beneficial solution for you and your heirs. If you are thinking about how taxes will affect your bequest, our team of experts in inheritance tax will advise you how to avoid unnecessary costs to your heirs using optimal estate planning.


Avoid government penalties for errors in calculating tax settlements.

At PATRIUM we inform you of when and how the taxes are to be paid, as well as the amount to be deposited, to avoid under- or overpaying, and we oversee the whole process, thereby avoiding penalties.
If you have already been penalised by the tax authorities, please contact our team of inheritance tax lawyers in order to lodge the appropriate appeal.


We look for payment alternatives to settle the taxes and to enable you to receive your inheritance as soon as possible.

At PATRIUM we look for the best and most appropriate payment solution for each client, taking into account his or her financial circumstances. If you lack the liquidity to pay all the taxes and are thereby prevented from receiving your inheritance, our lawyers will work to find the alternative that best suits your economic circumstances (deferments, instalments, etc.)


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Contact our team of experts and one of our lawyers, specialised in Inheritance and Estates, will contact you to resolve all your queries. We would be glad to assist you and answer your questions.


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